Construction Process

Construction Process

Quality products, skilled craftsmen and flawless execution are the cornerstones of our superior construction. The entire construction process is customized and monitored using a sophisticated scheduling system for optimum control and efficiency. You will have total access to project data 24/7. Our system allows you to view schedules, drawings, material order and correspondence online … real time.

Layout, Prep & Permits

The first step is site preparation which includes irrigation line capping, tree or fence removal, etc.

Next we will “lay out” your pool as per the drawing we did of your backyard. At this time you can make any adjustments to the position of the pool.

Backyard Designs, Inc. will obtain all the permits to insure your pool is built in full compliance of building codes


This is the day you’ve waited for! Pool excavation requires heavy machinery and a dump truck to remove any dirt not needed around the pool. It usually takes one day to complete the excavation.

Steel & Pre-Plumbing

A crew will set and tie a network of steel reinforcing bars to conform to the shape and contour of your pool. Plumbing and lighting fixtures that will be built into your pool will be carefully positioned into place. An inspection by the local building department will be requested.

Gunite Application

Gunite application requires large equipment, so be prepared for a concrete truck and some other machinery. This is an exciting process to watch, but be prepared for lots of dust in the air and the noise of a diesel compressor. Gunite will be pneumatically applied under pressure over the steel to form a single-piece gunite shell that will provide the structural strength for you pool…a structure that will endure a lifetime! The crew will trim out the final shape of the pool and “cut-in” such features as steps & benches.

After curing a few days, your pool shell will be stripped of the form boards and will need to harden for about a week.

Tile Installation

Our tile installer will now set the tile around the water line perimeter of the pool.

Pool Plumbing

A crew will dig trenches for the circulation piping system and install the multiple plumbing lines that run between the pool and the filter system. The plumbing system will be pressure tested and inspected.

Filtration Equipment

Your pump and filter system will now be set in place and connected to the plumbing. Other equipment included in your contract, such as automatic chlorinator, automatic cleaner, and heater are also installed at this time.

If your pool has a heater, a gas line from your gas meter or tank must also be installed and inspected. You must arrange this with your gas company. Backyard Designs, Inc. is not licensed to do this installation.


A licensed electrician will install the electrical for the underwater light and provide a safety bonding around the pool. An inspection will be made by a county building inspector prior to any deck installation.


We will prepare your pool for the final finish by pumping out accumulated rainwater and cleaning out construction debris. All pipe and electrical fittings will be grouted and the tile cleaned.

It’s now time to cover the gunite with the interior surface you have selected. When completed, we’ll begin filling your pool with water.

Start Up Filtration Equipment

After the pool is full, we will return within a couple of days and start up your pool pump and filtration system. We’ll inspect the system for proper operation and be sure everything is performing its best.

You can now begin to enjoy your pool.

One of our experienced staff will meet with you and give you personal instructions on how to care for and operate your pool. Be prepared to ask questions. We want you to have as much knowledge as possible. The more YOU know, the easier you will find it to care for your pool.

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