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The use and care of a swimming pool should be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Since there are a number of items in and around a swimming pool, including the pool itself, which can be a potential hazard, familiarization of the safety aspects of these items is mandatory. Please refer to the warning labels on any product for use in or near the swimming pool, and follow any directions for the safe and clean disposal of these items. Please refer to your equipment owner’s manuals for all operating and safety precautions.
The chemicals used in a swimming pool pose a definite hazard to occupants and equipment. A few simple guidelines should be followed to ensure the safety of everyone. In this context, a “chemical” includes, but is not limited to, chlorine, acid, soda ash, any algaecide, diatomaceous earth, silica sand, and any cleaning agent.

  • Never mix any two chemicals together, either away from or in the pool water.
  • Never add water to a chemical….always add the chemical to water.
  • Never handle a chemical without the use of protective gloves and a form of nose-mouth protection. This can be a disposable fabric mask or a respirator.
  • Never add two different chemicals to the pool water at the same time … always allow at least 4 hours between applications unless otherwise directed by the chemical manufacturer.
  • Never allow anyone to use the pool within 4 hours after the addition of chemicals.
  • Never store any chemicals inside the house, in direct sunlight, or near the pool area.
  • Keep all pool chemicals out of the reach of children.
  • Never store two different chemicals adjacent to one another. Leakage of one could cause them to mix and a chemical reaction could result.

Avoid contact of any chemical with the skin or mucous membranes, such as those in the mouth, eyes, and nose. If this occurs, flush the area with water and consult a physician immediately. Be sure to have the container of the chemical nearby to inform the physician of the agent involved.
Be aware of the addition of any pool chemicals by another person to avoid interaction or overdose.


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